St Bakhita

St Bakhita Centre

The Centre, at 2 Hornsey Road, Homebush West, is a place of welcome and hospitality for the Sudanese Catholic Community, in Sydney. Various activities take place at the Centre, or are organised from the Centre.

Faith Development

The Sudanese Catholic Community of Sydney is assisted by Anna Dimo, a Pastoral Care Worker and Jonathon Ngor, an Assistant Pastoral Care Worker. Helen Campbell and Sr Maria Sullivan are support workers for the community. Each Sunday, Mass is celebrate at St Anthony’s Church, Toongabbie.

Prayer and Faith

The Centre is used to help in the practice of faith, by holding prayer and meetings. Choir practice, Liturgical Dance practice for Mass and other activities are also organised from the Centre. A Girls’ Youth Group meets regularly at the Centre. A regular Prayer Group meets each week at Toongabbie.

Liturgy Preparation

This takes place at the Centre every Saturday. Young women prepare for Children’s Liturgy.Young men prepare the PowerPoint presentation for Sunday Mass.


Various Outreach Programmes operate from the Centre. These include Men’s Outreach, Holiday Programmes, Visitation of the Sick and Bereaved, Legion of Mary Groups and Prayer Groups.


A Message from Ann Dimo (Pastoral Care Worker, Sudanese Australia Catholic Community):

Welcome to our St Bakhita Web Site. Welcome to our community and our Centre in Flemington, Sydney. As you can see, we are a very busy community offering many opportunities for our community.  Let us all continue to work together to make our community strong, active, alive and happy. We want to thank God for our Catholic faith which teaches us to love one another.   Let us especially care for anyone who is struggling, and who needs our love and support.

Juɔ̈p bɔu tënë Ann Dimo (Raan Luɔ̈i Muök, tɛ̈në akutnhom Sudanese Australian Catholic)

Wëk acuk loor alɔ̈ŋ Web Site St Bakhita. Wëk acuk loor akutnhomda yic ku tɛdan luɔ̈i tɛ̈n Flemington, Sydney. Cï lɔ̈n cï wek yë tïŋ, ɣok akutnhom käc nhial, ku käjuëëc ke looi röt. Cɔɔl ɣok alui etɔk buk akutnhomda cɔɔl aril, kɛ̈ɛ̈c nhial, piir ku mit puou. Awïc ku buk nhialic lëëc alɔŋ gɛ̈ɛ̈mdan Catholic yen ɣok piɔ̈ɔ̈c buk rot nhiaar kamkua.  Apɛidit ye ku muök gam tɛnë kuat raan määm ku yen awïc nhiëërda ku kuɔnyda.